The Badlands, taken from an overlook near the entrance station

The Badlands and South Dakota

A wonderful surprise I came across during my trip to Harney Peak and White Butte was The Badlands in South Dakota.  The scale and grandeur of the place was daunting. I have included a few pictures of the area from my trip in 2007.

A view looking west. The camera did not pickup the beautiful shades of color within the rock itself

Rattlers everywhere, including at the entrance to this trail. You can see some of the pink color bands in the rock

A path into the hills.  Early Pioneers took these same paths, carrying their supplies by hand over the hills. The rock really radiated the heat.

A view from the path

In another section of the park, tens of thousands of prairie dogs settle into the desert-like landscape. At "Prairie dog town", you can hear them chirping away

About 3 hours away, the Crazy Horse Monument was an incredible spectacle. The size is exponentially bigger than Mount Rushmore and it is well worth visiting.