The summit of Vaalserberg...the highest point in the Netherlands


Background information:

Altitude: 1,056'

Tidbits:  Highest point in The Netherlands (Holland).


Summitted, May 11, 2005


Time Zone: GMT +1 hours


When to go:

The summit is reachable any time of year.


Route Selection:

No selection is required.  Walk up the access road to the summit marker.


Hotel and Climb Reservation:



Packing List:

Nothing special.


Getting There:

The high point is located at the junction of Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany.  There are many roads you can take there, depending upon your country of origin.

The tri-country marker...I'm standing with one foot in Belgium and one in Germany, leaning over The Netherlands

Trip Description:

They say that Holland "doesn't have a high point", so I was pleasantly surprised to find such a nice little area (albeit highly commercialized).  After parking in one of the many parking areas, walk to the summit/tri-country marker area.  The markers are clearly identified.  There are a few gift shops/restaurants here, as well as a playground.  There is a large observation tower about 50 years down the road that provides some great views.


The view from the observation tower looking toward Germany and Belgium

The view from the observation tower looking at the summit area (The Netherlands)